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Workshops Offered

Workshops can be approximatley 2-3 hours in length


Couples Yoga

Couples are invited to be guided through a series of deeply relaxing yoga assisted and simple yoga poses and inversions.  Habitual patterns of tension in the body held during a solo yoga practice can often be melted away by the healing touch of a partner.  This fun, noncompetitive workshop is designed to build trust, communication, joy and intimacy through the power of compassionate touch.

Absolutely No experience with yoga Necessary 

Arm Balance & Inversions

Turn your practice upside down!  Dissolve the fear and bring out your inner core strength in this exploration of arm balances.  In this workshop led by instructor Kim Chavez, we will discover the depths of both your physical and mental practice.


Yoga for Athletes

Whether it be the hips, hamstrings, IT band, Shoulders or lower back.  Inflexibility causes the majority of athlete's injuries.  The class will include yoga posses that stretch and strengthen the body.  Meditation for relaxation and focus, breathing exercises to increase stamina and lung capacity.

All Levels Welcome